Recommendations of use for the orgone energy blanket

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The information provided in this booklet is of a general nature and is published for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Any application of the material provided is at the reader’s discretion and is his or her sole responsibility.

What is the orgone energy accumulator

The orgone blanket is a type of orgone accumulator, an instrument assembled and materially arranged in such a manner that life energy, present in the atmosphere of our planet, can be collected, accumulated and made usable for scientific, educational and medical purposes.

The orgone energy accumulator was invented by the research scientist and physician Wilhelm Reich, M.D. during 1940.

The existence of a specific kind of energy which directs and maintains life has been theoretically assumed for a long time by many natural philosophers and scientists. Wilhelm Reich succeeded in connecting known facts and in finding new facts which he coordinated with the known facts in such a manner that the existence of a specific life energy became concretely demonstrable, usable and measurable. Orgone Energy is the name given by Wilhelm Reich to this specific life energy.

For further information please refer to The Orgone energy accumulator – Its scientific and medical use by Wilhelm Reich available on online bookstores.

Recommendations of use for the orgone energy blanket

  1. The side ending with iron wool should face the body.
  2. When applying orgone therapy to a body part, wear only a light shirt or, if the blanket is in a cotton liner, apply it directly to the body. Thick clothes isolate the body and decrease effectiveness.
  3. When not in use, keep the blanket in a well-ventilated place and in the sun if possible.
  4. Prevent the blanket from getting wet (the iron wool will rust).
  5. Wash the liner from time to time (at maximum 35°C).
  6. In general, the effectiveness of the blanket decreases with wet and rainy weather.
  7. Apply the blanket for 5-30 minutes for each session. Depending on individual sensitivity, more than one session can be done in a day. Between sessions, if possible, leave the blanket in a ventilated and sunny place. It is better to do several short sessions rather than a few long sessions. This allows the body to eliminate any toxins between sessions.
  8. In general, rely on your sensitivity to determine the duration and frequency of sessions.
  9. Do not apply to the head, except for a few minutes at a time in order to treat skin problems (skin burns, etc..).
  10. Don’t use the blanket in the evening before bedtime in order to avoid falling asleep while doing therapy which could lead to orgone overcharge.
  11. The blanket is not recommended in case of fever (it may increase it). However, you can use it cautiously for a few minutes at a time to improve other disorders (cough, for example) associated with low fever. When doing so, constantly monitor the fever and your general health condition. Do not use with high fever.
  12. If you feel overcharged, if you experience migraines or nausea as a result of having used the orgone blanket, rinse your body part with running water or take a shower.
  13. Keep the blanket away from electronic and electrical equipment such as remote controls, mobile phones, computers, television, speakers, etc..
  14. The blanket can be moved from one part of the body to the other in the same session to treat different ailments. Avoid passing it on to another person without first having left it in the open air for a while. In general, it is better to leave it for a while in fresh air and in the sun between a session addressed to one disorder and another addressed to another disorder.

The blanket has been used with benefit for the following ailments:

  • Wounds (apply immediately for best results)
  • insect bites (apply immediately for best results)
  • muscle sprain
  • bruises
  • bone pains
  • ligament pains
  • abdominal pain (stomach, intestines)
  • congestion
  • menstrual pain
  • solar burns
  • cough
  • bronchitis
  • sore throat
  • arthritis (it is a long process of regular use for months)
  • bone fractures (the healing process can be accelerated by regular application of orgone therapy)

General information about orgone therapy

The use of the orgone accumulator is recommended for pathologies caused by a lack of life energy.

Extreme examples of this condition are:

  • Chronic depression and melancholies
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Undernourishment

There are also pathologies which originate from life energy overcharge. Examples of these are:

  • All kinds of vascular hypertension
  • High blood pressure
  • Hysterical character
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Skin inflammation, conjunctivitis

In these cases, after a few minutes of orgone therapy an unpleasant sensation may be felt. Use the orgone blanket very cautiously, monitoring the heartbeat and for short sessions in order to evaluate its effectiveness. Please refer to recommendation Nr. 12 in case of overcharge.

The orgone accumulator does not have a direct and powerful effect on diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. You can still try to use the orgone blanket in such cases as a general reinforcement of the body can help fight the pathogen.

Geographically, the orgone accumulator works best at high altitudes and in tropical places where the air is dry and the weather sunny. It works much less well in hot and humid equatorial places. This is due to the fact that with dry air, the orgone energy in the atmosphere is in a “free” state and can be accumulated by the blanket, while with wet weather it is in its most material state within the atmospheric humidity, condition in which the blanket is not able to accumulate it.

Wilhelm Reich and others recommend to not use the orgone accumulators at a distance of less than 1000 meters from a high voltage line, and less than 50 km from a nuclear power plant. This recommendation is included as a possible explanation if you should experience a state of discomfort (headache, nausea) as a result of the use of the orgone blanket. In general, orgone energy reacts badly in the presence of electricity, magnetic fields and especially radioactivity. It should therefore be verified that there are no mobile phone antennas too close to your home. Although theoretically also Wi-Fi waves should “pollute” the orgone blanket, from the experience so far accumulated no negative effects have been found in the use of the orgone blanket in the presence of Wi-Fi networks. Typical negative effects caused by using a blanket “polluted” by electromagnetic radiations are nausea and migraines. If these were to be experienced, it is recommended to immediately take a shower and put the blanket in the open air next to a container full of water (without wetting the blanket).

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