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The purpose of the following pages is to investigate whether there is a fundamental difference between a living being and
Download pdf version here by Venanzio Vallerani, M.D. in Agricultural Sciences Roberto Maglione, MSc Mirko Kulig, BSc in Computer Science
Measurement protocol Mirko Kulig, 13.10.2008 Download the pdf version here Objective It is commonly known that a Tesla coil is
After being depicted for decades as a country at war, Vietnam is now experiencing a fast-growing economic reality and is
Documentary Stone Riddles 2 Archaeological treasures of Sardinia In this 3-part documentary, I take you on a tour of numerous
It is a little known fact that Italy possesses many archaeological sites which feature spectacular polygonal walls that can be
The fairly unknown country of Laos still appears to be living a peaceful and sleepy life. With its small population,